11 Days Rwenzori Mountains Trekking Safari

11 Days Rwenzori Mountains Trekking Safari

Bestriding the border between Uganda and the D.R. Congo, the underrated, isolated, little-known and less frequently climbed Rwenzori Mountains is top-notch hiking destination that offer treks through varied and stunning landscapes. It is Africa’s third-highest summit (5,109m A.S.L), the best kept secret for trekkers with crowds-free hiking and a sense of true wilderness. Regarded as the Mountains of the Moon, this is a UNESCO World Heritage site and contains much of Africa’s permanent ice. Rwenzori will give you incredible varied mountain scenery as you trek from tropical rainforest, through alpine valleys to the glaciers. Although Rwenzori is not as high as Kilimanjaro, it requires greater technical skills and a good degree of stamina to cope with the rapid gains in altitude.

Under the watchful eye of your experienced mountain guides, trek through Giant Lobelia forests along the remote Kilembe Trail, experience pristine tropical rainforests of gargantuan fig trees with blue monkeys. In the bamboo zone, delight in the diverse flora, discover remote alpine valleys and glacial landscapes and marvel at views from the summit of Margherita Peak (5109m). Each day, you will hike between well insulated campsites with static tents that have enough beds and comfortable mattresses. Each day will begin with a simple breakfast that is rich in proteins to give you energy, and end with a hot cup of coffee or tea to warm you from the freezing temperatures.

Day 1:Arrive in Uganda

Arrive through Entebbe International Airport where after visa clearance you will be welcomed by our experienced driver guide who will transfer you to Emin Pasha, a boutique hotel in Kampala’s peaceful suburb of Nakasereo, sitting on two acres of peaceful park-life tropical gardens, offering you privacy and tranquility. You will be welcomed to a complimentary dinner where you will receive a detailed program briefing.

Day 2:Transfer to Kibale Forest National Park.

After breakfast, drive to Kibale Forest National Park through Uganda’s western lush highlands decorated with tea, coffee and banana plantations. You will have unobstructed views of Mountains of the Moon, Rwenzori (Uganda’s highest Mountain-5,109meters A.S.L). You will be checked in at Primate Lodge, right next door to the visitor information center where the forest activities begin. The lodge sits in a pollution free environment and comprises of beautiful chalets with plenty of hot water.  From the comfort of your Luxury Cottage, you can unwind and listen to the chattering of the red-tailed monkeys in the dense branches. At night, you can enjoy the views of the forest and its nocturnal mammals like the bush baby through large glass windows.

Day 3:Transfer to Kilembe and Hike to Sine Camp at 2580meters

Have an early breakfast and transfer to the trek start point at Kyanjuki (1620m), where you will meet mountain guides and armed park rangers who will give you a full trek briefing. Start the hike that winds through tall grassland and ferns, giving way to magnificent pristine forests. Many species of birds can be heard and seen in this quiet environment that nature has been generous to. You will cross several small streams and rivers and start climbing along a ridge. The trail leads you through tropical forests of huge fig trees that are occupied by several types of primates. There are chances of sighting troupes of black and white Colobus Monkeys and Blue Monkeys as they dash through the trees. Proceed into the bamboo zone at 2,800 meters, a haven with different bird species. Stop at Sine Camp (2580m) for an overnight in a wooden hut set between tall forest trees on a narrow ridge. While here, you can sit at your large verandah and enjoy the beauty of the Afro Montane forest—while beholding Enock’s Falls just 200m from the hut.

Day 4:Hike to Mutinda Camp at 3,680meters 

After breakfast, resume the hike on a trail that enters the bamboo zone and continues onto a steep moss—covered ridge about 200m in height. On exiting the bamboo forest, you’ll be welcomed by stunning views of the valleys and hills below, stretching as far as Lake George and Queen Elizabeth National Park. Go through the surreal mossy heather zone above 3,500 meters. It is regarded as Africa’s botanical big game” where you can find footprints of a rarely seen cat, the Rwenzori leopard. Marvel at the rainbow colors of endemic sunbirds probing flowers with their curved bills.

Stop at Kalalama Camp (3,150m), perched on a high ridge overlooking Kilembe for a short rest and continue along a rolling trail to Mutinda Camp for overnight. The camp overlooks the beautiful Mutinda Valley.

Day 5:Hike to Bugata Camp at 4,065 meters

Climb on top of the confluence between the Nyamwamba and Namusangi Valleys with a scenic trail that meanders along the hilltops giving you fantastic views of Lake Nusuranja from Plozza Rock. Trek along the valley floor, you will pass small bogs and giant lobelias and slop to Bugata Camp at 4,065m. The camp (4,065 metres) is situated above Lake Kopello with spectacular views of Namusangi, the valley of nine glacier lakes ringed by rugged peaks and ridges. The Camp has good facilities including solar lights, good toilets and bathrooms. Bugata is a place where a helicopter can land for any rescue. The area is covered with tussock grass, everlasting flowers, giant groundsel and Giant lobelia with many Red Forest Duiker which are a sub-species only found in the Rwenzori Mountains.

Day 6:Hike to Butawu Camp at 3,975m

Today, you climb to the top of Bamwanjara Pass (4,450m) where the trail has several long flat bogs. The area is covered by everlasting flowers and Giant lobelia, whose nectar provides food source for the Scarlet-tufted Malachite Sunbird. It is endemic to the Rwenzori Mountains. The trek gives you spectacular views of the glacial lakes far below in the valley and excellent views of all the main snow-capped peaks. Stop at a small shelter for rest and enjoy the scenery before resuming to a steep walk down to Kacholpe Lakes. Tonight you will sleep at Butawu Camp (3,974m) that is set on a ridge high above Butawu River which flows down from Scott Elliott Pass through Kitandara Lakes. It has excellent views of the snow-capped Mt Baker. Tonight you will have a restful tonight at a slightly lower altitude.

Day :Hike to Margherita Camp at 4,460m

Today you will have an easy climb of about 330m as you trek along the ridge before crossing several wet areas and small rivers coming from Mt Baker to join Butawu River. The walk up Scott Elliott Pass is enjoyable as you trek up the ridge of Mt Stanley to Margherita Camp. It sits on top of the Pass and boasts of endearing views of Lake Bujuku, Mt Baker and high glaciers on Mt Stanley, Lake Kitandara and Weismann Peak to the south. The camp is sheltered with a ring of high rocks, an original camp used by the Italian Prince Luigi Amadeo di Savoia, Duke of the Abruzzi, who between June and July 1906 climbed the mountains, opening a new page in the history of mountaineering and exploration in Africa. Some of the peaks still have the names which the Duke chose to honor the Italian Kingdom and Queen Margherita – hence naming this camp Margherita Camp.

Day 8:Hike to Margherita Peak at 5,109 meters

Wake up early at 3am and set off after tea/coffee accompanied by an energy giving snack. Ascend to the Stanley Glacier before sunrise. After one and a half hours of steep climb walking on hard rock, reach Elena hut (4,540m) where you stop for a freshening rest and proceed to the peak. Today you conquer the ultimate challenge taking the last lap to 5,109 meters to Margherita Peak. The climb up Margherita glacier is steep and requires some high level of fitness. As you get to the top of the glacier, take a steep icy stairway towards the summit which you scale step by step, gulping air deeply. Go beyond a ridge joining Alexandra (5,091 meters) and Margherita peaks where you scramble over frozen boulders to the summit that is marked with a white metallic billboard welcoming you to Uganda’s highest point. You will be overwhelmed with intense joy that will wash away the entire fatigue. While here, clouds clear to reveal a panorama more complex and striking. You will be surrounded by glaciers and rocky peaks. You will be able to glare south down the Albertine rift valley to Lake George and west into DRC. After jubilations, descend to Butawu Camp at 3,974 meters to sleep.

Day 9:Slope to Bugata Camp

After breakfast, trek down to Kitandara Hut at 4,025m, where the trail drops a little more to pass just above the Kachope Lakes at 3,975m, and then over Bamwanjara Pass (4,450m) which is steep. As you cross, you might sight hyrax sitting at the entrance to their rock shelter. You will finally drop to Bugata Camp for overnight.

Day 10:Slope to Trekkers Hostel

After breakfast, decend through the Namusangi Valley across open moorland and large areas of tussock grass and walk past waterfalls, eventually reaching Mutinda Cave. It has fantastic views of the Mutinda Peaks directly above.  Continue to Kalalama Camp that is hinged on a high ridge overlooking the Kilembe Valley. From here, you will descend through the bamboo forest to the Rangers Post. After debriefing, procced to the Elephant Plains where you will be given a complementary massage before your dinner and overnight.

Day 11:Transfer to Entebbe and Depart

After breakfast, you will be transferred to Entebbe through Kampala. You will arrive at the airport in time to check in for your departing flight. Thank you for exploring snow on the Equator with us!

You can extend this trip for 6 Days Chimpanzees, tree-climbing lions and mountain gorilla safari.

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