4 Days Rwanda Gorilla and Cultural Village Tour

4 Days Rwanda Gorilla and Cultural Village Tour

This 4 Days Rwanda gorilla and cultural village tour  offers Rwandas major tour aspect which is gorilla trekking in Volcanoes Rwanda national park  then later  the guest will get an awesome opportunity of mingling with the Rwanda’s culture by visiting  Ibyiwacu cultural village  a place that demonstrates the culture of Rwanda in all dimensions. some of what you will be to learn is the traditional means of meal preparation, dances, house construction among others.

Day 1 of 4 Days Rwanda Gorilla and Cultural Village Tour: Transfer to Volcanoes National Park.

Our safari guide will be waiting on your arrival at Kigali International Airport to welcome you to tour Rwanda on your gorilla trek safari and transfer you to the hotel so close to Volcanoes National Park. You will have en route in a decent roadside restaurant with scenic views of beautifully tilled hills in the background. You will arrive at the hotel early evening and the views of the tempting mist covered hills will increase your gorilla trek adrenaline and make your Rwanda safari more memorable.  

Day 2 of 4 Days Rwanda Gorilla and Cultural Village Tour:  Trekking gorillas

Wake up with the first morning light, take a cup of coffee and with lunch boxes head into the park tourism offices. You meet up with the gorilla trekking team, get briefs about gorilla trekking regulations and set off into the forests. By the time you get contact with the gorilla trekked family, you will have learnt a lot about the wilderness and entire ecosystem. Once sited you will spend approximately an hour with them and must therefore maximise your advantages of interaction with the gorillas. You will then begin your slow descent to tourism office and then your hotel to freshen up, have lunch and relax.

Day 3 of 4 Days Rwanda Gorilla and Cultural Village Tour:  The Iby’Iwacu Cultural visit.

Enjoy your morning sleep and shake off previous day gorilla trekking fatigue. You will have breakfast in the lawns facing the jungles while reliving gorilla trek experiences. You will head to Iby’Iwacu Cultural village, meet and interact with wonderful indigenous people and get daily mixed experiences of living close to mountain gorillas. Listen to their songs, dance to their music and sample their staple food. You will transfer to Kigali city after lunch.


Day 4 of 4 Days Rwanda Gorilla and Cultural Village Tour: Kigali City Tour

After breakfast take a city tour of prominent Kigali City features most notable the Genocide Memorial centre at Gisozi, local markets to have a feeling of indigenous Kigali residents and buy souvenir to take home. The Rwanda safari climaxes with the guide dropping you off at Kigali International Airport for your outbound flight

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