Gorilla Tracking destinations Uganda Rwanda Congo 2024 / 2025

Gorilla Tracking destinations Uganda Rwanda Congo 2024 / 2025

If you are planning a gorilla tracking safari or tour in Uganda Rwanda and Congo then you ought to know that the activity has some important requirements and rules as well for this kind of tour. The first requirement is having a gorilla tracking permit which costs $800 in Uganda, $400 in Congo and $1500 for Rwanda safaris. After this, you have to be at least 15 years of age and should be free from any serious health conditions. When you meet these, go ahead and secure your permit several months in advance to confirm your dates of tracking. We can do this for you when you book one of our gorilla trekking tours. We always recommend tourists to book their permits in advance to avoid missing out on desired tracking dates. These gorilla tracking permits are sold on first come first serve basis and some months may turn out competitive especially January, February, June, July and December. The best experiences are got from both budget, midrange and luxury gorilla trekking safaris.

For tourists that want affordable gorilla trekking safaris, we have a couple of discounted tour packages available throughout the year especially for people interested in group trekking tours. This does not completely affect your comfort in any way. Your comfort on any of selected gorilla tracking tours comes top on our priority list, reason why we make you feel absolute comfort from the time of your arrival till the end of your departure on the tours. We transport our clients in comfortable 4x4 open roof, air conditioned safari vehicles, list comfortable and slumber accommodation facilities at discounted rates and maintain thorough contact with you through out your entire gorilla trekking tour. We also focus on each client’s individual needs, time and budget to develop a bespoke itinerary that offers a memorable and beyond remarkable gorilla trekking experience on a Uganda and Rwanda safari. Planning for a safari in Rwanda or Uganda? Check out some of our gorilla tracking tours above and choose the best package that matches your budget, preference and schedule.

Uganda Gorilla trekking safari

Uganda gorilla safari/ Uganda gorilla tours/ Uganda gorilla trekking safari is simply termed as one of the most thrilling activities one can ever do while on a Uganda safari.Gorilla trekking in Uganda has been termed as the highlight and the epitome of tourism in Uganda. The activity sees the practitioners delve into the jungles of Bwindi Impenetrable National park and Mgahiga Gorilla National park in search for the endangered mountain gorillas. in Uganda mountain gorilla tracking takes place in two national parks namely Bwindi impenetrable forest national park which is the most popular gorilla trekking destination in Uganda and Mgahinga gorilla national park. In total Uganda's hosts almost half of the world's remaining endangered mountain gorilla population and most of them found in Bwindi Impenetrable national Park hence explaining why gorillas are guarded jealusly in Uganda. The whole activity of gorilla trekking in Uganda entails getting to the where the location is,going through the necessary briefings about the dos and donts involved in gorilla trekking later you will delve in the jungles in search for the gentle giants, the search is also dependant on the proximity of the gorilla family you have been a signed to search from , some take longer hours while other take a shorter time. Upon meeting the gorilla, a series of interactions take place from taking photos ,to finding out how gorilla do their activities which etails making nests and feeding, this perfect opportunity to take photos. later after gorilla trekking, you will simply head back to the briefing points and be transferred back to any place of your choice.

Mountain Gorilla Families Of Uganda, The Habituated Gorilla Groups

Meet the Habituated Gorilla Groups of Uganda

Below is a List of the Habituated Gorilla Groups and where they are located

The groups listed below are those currently available for Gorilla trekking tours within Uganda

Meet the Habituated Gorilla Groups of Uganda

With slightly over 1006 mountain gorillas remaining in the world according to the Uganda Wildlife Authority (2018) is home two more than half of the world’s total gorilla population with the majority of these living within the different sectors of the Bwindi impenetrable Forest National Park a renowned world heritage site as well as the Mgahinga National Park found in the far southwestern corner of Uganda. Mountain Gorillas can only be seen in three countries in the whole world so the remaining world population of gorillas is found within Rwanda and the neighboring Democratic republic of Congo. There are a total of 14 habituated gorilla families found in Uganda each lead by a dominant silverback with 12 groups available for gorilla trekking while the 2 are for gorilla habituation experience.

For each gorilla family, a maximum of eight (8) gorilla permits is offered for gorilla trekking an experienced during which tourists get a chance to visit these amazing hairy forest Giants in their natural habitat. Because mountain gorillas do not stay in the same place for more than one night and move to new places each day, during the gorilla trekking safari experience you will have to walk through the forests for 2 to 44 hours searching for them.

Below are the different habituated mountain gorilla families found in Uganda; these have been grouped into four (4) different categories depending on the areas (in Bwindi National Park) where they are found.

  1. Rushaga Areas

Rushaga region of Bwindi Forest is habitat of the Nshongi Group, Kahungye, Bweza, Busingye as well as the Mishaya Gorilla Family

  1. Nshongi Gorilla Family

Group size: twenty six (26) individuals with four (4) silverbacks

Location: Rushaga

This group was first sighted close to River Nshongi after which it was named. In 2009 in the month of September it was opened for tourism with a total of thirty six (36) individuals which made it the biggest habituated gorillas group in Uganda. This large gorilla family had three (3) silverbacks and a total of seven (7) blackbacks that lived in harmony without making any attempts to leadership. In the month of July 2010 this group split into two with a group of 10 members led by silverback Mishaya leaving. The remaining group comprised of just 26 individuals and remained with four (4) silverbacks

  1. Mishaya Gorilla Family

Group size: twelve (12) individuals with one (1) silverback

Location: Rushaga

In July 2010 this group separated from the huge Nshongi group led by silverback Mishaya. Due to his fighting character he encountered several other gorilla families and over the years managed to increase in number. Sadly in 2011 in the month of April he encountered a wild gorilla family that wasn’t habituated and got several injuries together with one of the infants in his group who was just two year old. Fortunately these were treated and recovered well by the Mountain Gorilla Veterinary Project veterinaries.

  1. Kahungye Gorilla Family

Group size: thirteen (13) with three (3) silverbacks

Location: Rushaga

This is among the most recently habituated family of gorillas found within the Bwindi impenetrable Forest National Park and comprises of twenty seven (27) individuals among which were three silverbacks. In the month of October, 2011 it was opened for tourism and about one year later this gorilla family split to form the Busingye gorilla family. Today dominant silverback Gwigi whose name means ‘door’ leads this active group.

  1. Bweza Gorilla Family

Group size: nine (9) individuals with one (1) silverback

Location: Rushaga

In 2009 in the month of September the largest group to ever be habituated in Bwindi National Park – the Nshongi was opened for tourism however silverback Mishaya slip from the family to form his own group the Mishaya gorilla family in July 2010. But just two years down the road after its formation, silverback Bweza decided to leave the group forming Bweza family and in December 2012 the gorilla family was opened to tourism.

  1. Busingye Gorilla Family

Group size: nine (9) with one silverback

Location: Rushaga

In the month of June 2012 silverback Busingye split from the Kahungye gorilla family to form his own. The dominant silverback Busingye whose name means ‘peace’ on the contrary loves fighting and on several occasions has fought off wild gorilla groups that have attacked him and grabbed females and added them to his own gorilla family.

  1. Buhoma Area

Buhoma Area of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is home to the Mubare Gorilla family, Habinyanja Gorilla Family as well as the Rushegura gorilla family

  1. Mubare Gorilla family

Gorilla size: nine (9) individuals with one (1) silverback

Location: buhoma

In 1993 the Mubare gorilla family was opened for tourism activities which makes it the oldest habituated mountain gorilla family in the whole of Uganda. This family was first seen on Mubare Hill found in the depth of the Bwindi impenetrable forest and it was after this that it was named. According to the trackers who first spotted this group comprised of eighteen 18 individuals with Ruhondeza as the dominant male silverback. As time went by many of the members of this gorilla family left – some joining other groups, others dying in the course of the violent fights that happened at the time, and unfortunately the gorilla family suffered the death of one of their baby gorillas and by 2012 there were only 5 members in this group. The leadership of silverback Ruhondeza was challenged in the month of March 2012 when a wild gorilla group attacked his family and left with a couple of females. The defeated Ruhondeza had at the time grown old and weaker and fled to the neighboring community Forest where he took refuge. Nonetheless the wildlife researchers of Bwindi national park continued to monitor his progress until on the 27th June 2020 he sadly died in his sleep. This dignified silverback who was said to be more than 50 years old was buried close to the park headquarter offices and his gravestone can be seen today. This silverback was well known as a gentle mannered yet lazy leader a character well depicted by his name which means ‘sleepy fellow’.

  1. Habinyanja Gorilla Family

Group size: seventeen (17) members with two (2) silverbacks

Location: Buhoma – kahororo – Rubina

First opened for tourism in 1999, Habinyanja gorilla family habituation process began in 1997. this group was first sighted close to a swamp within the impenetrable forest of Bwindi National Park and it’s from this that it’s name Habinyanja which was derived from ‘nyanja’ a local word in the Rukiga language that means ‘a place with water’. Mugurisi a word that means ‘old man’ was the name for the dominant silverback that was leading this group at the time when it was discovered. Unfortunately he died due to old age and his two brothers Mwirima and Rwansigazi took on the leadership of this gorilla family. Because of the differences in their nature, this joint leadership did not last long as Rwansigazi loved moving a lot due to his adventurous nature while his brother Mwirima preferred covering a small range. This indifference among others led to the two brothers parting ways in a surprisingly very peaceful way that did not involve any fights. The group that remained with Mwirima was called Rushegura family while the one that left with Rwansigazi retained the name Habinyanja. Today the Habinyanja gorilla family is laid by silverback Makara who took over leadership from Rwansigazi. From time to time these groups have been seen to come across each other and they peacefully exist. in 2011 in the month of June the very social and friendly blackback Mizano was discovered dead with several spear wounds around his neck and shoulders and it said that some porches who were with dogs attacked this group. This unfortunate incident was recorded as the first scenario ever since 1995 where a gorilla was killed by poachers.

  1. Rushegura gorilla family

Group size: nineteen (19) individuals with one (1) silverback

Location: buhoma

This group separated from the bigger Habinyanja family and the separation happened in 2002 at a place called Rushegura after which it was named. At the time of separation the dominant silverback Mwirima left with twelve (12) individuals among which were five (5) females. By 2010 the family had increased in number to a total of nineteen (19) individuals. Over the years, silverback Mwirima had been devoted to protecting his family and fought several attacks by wild gorilla groups. Previously this family would cross into the democracy republic of Congo which shares boarder with the Bwindi NP, board however it eventually settled and made permanent residence in the Bwindi National Park. Fortunately this group is very calm and has harmoniously lived with the people of the nearby village and on several times it has been observed visiting the gardens of gorilla Forest camp.

  1. Nkuringo Area

Nkuringo Region of Bwindi Forest – which is among the more physically challenging although rewarding regions in the of forest to enjoy Gorilla safaris – habitat to the Nkuringo Gorilla Family

  1. Nkuringo Gorilla Family

Group size nineteen (19) with 2 silverbacks

Location: Nkuringo

In the local Rukiga language the name Nkuringo means a ‘round hill’ and it is on a round hill that this group was first see. This family had a tendency of moving to the lower slopes into the Village communities nearby where it turned out to be problematic to the people as it would eat farm produce such as sweet potatoes, bananas and other crops. Because of the numerous complaints from the local people, this group was eventually habituated for tourism in order to protect it as well as enable the local people gain from revenue acquired from gorilla tourism. At the time of habituation this group was led by silverback Nkuringo who at the time was old and weary. After his passing in 2008 in the month of April two silverbacks rafiki and safari remained in the family however leadership shifted to his son Safari. An adult female Kwitonda not long after that gave birth to twins muhozi and katungi however the latter died after succumbing to an illness at the age of one-and-a-half years

The accommodation facilities found at Nkuringo – offer a breathtaking worth the cost of the gorilla-permits- this is among of the most challenging hikes in Uganda – although undoubtedly worthwhile- as it is the most pleasing. The Group comprises of 19 members and is a favorite to people who have tracked over one group.

  1. Ruhija Area

Ruhija region of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest – habitat of the Bitukura Gorilla group and Oruzogo gorilla family

  1. Bitukura Gorilla Family

Group size: fourteen (14) individuals with four (4) silverbacks

Location: Ruhija

This gorilla group was first seen close to River Bitukura after which it was named within the Ruhija sector of Bwindi forest National Park. It was opened for tourism is the month of October 2008 after a habituation process starting in July 2007. unique about this gorilla family is that unlike other group whose habituation processed takes two (2) years, it only took 15 months to get it fully habituated and fit for tourism. This uniqueness is believed to have been caused by the close Bond between the Bitukura family and the kyaguriro family which led to the former encountering rangers from of the Uganda wildlife authority frequently a thing that eased the habituation process. Previously it comprised of 24 members but as the years went by they reduced to just 14 members with a number of them joining other families.

Today the Bitukura family has four (4) silverbacks and amazingly the dominant silverback Ndahura is not the oldest but rather the second youngest having taken over leadership from silverback Karamuzi who retired after nearly 40 years of leadership. In 2013 this happy and close group received a newborn member whom dominant silverback Ndahura carefully guards

  1. Oruzogo Gorilla Family

Group size: twenty five (25) individuals with 2 silverbacks

Location: Ruhija

Led by silverback Tibirikwata this gorilla family was opened to tourism in 2011 and over the years it has increased in number thanks to the various births within the family. In June 2011 Ntamurungi a female adult gave birth and later that very year in the month of October Musi another adult female gave birth as well. In 2012 in the month of March Kakoba another adult female give birth to twins a thing that brought tremendous joy to the gorilla family

Mgahinga National Park

  1. Nyakagezi Gorilla Family

Group size: ten (10) individuals with 3 silverbacks

Location: Mgahinga national Park

This is the only habituated family found within Mgahinga National Park and it is led by dominant silverback Mark. The ruling silverback enjoys moving a lot and frequently the family would cross borders between Uganda, D. R Congo and Rwanda. However from November 2012 this group has remained within the Ugandan border and in the month of May 2013 it received a newborn baby who increased a family’s number. Because of the great mobility that this group exhibited in the past, the governing authority – Uganda WILDLIFE Authority decided that gorilla trekking permit to visit this family should be issued only at the UWA headquarters within the National Park.

  1. Kyaguriro Gorilla Family

Group size: fifteen (15) with 2 silverbacks

Location: Ruhija

The habituation process for this gorilla family was completed however it has not yet been opened up for tourism activity. Conservationists however, remain in close contact with it observing and studying it. Previously it was led by dominant silverback Zeus, however he was attacked by a contender gorilla Rukina who forced elderly Zeus into exile where he eventually died from.

Rwanda gorilla Trekking

Rwanda also referred to as the land of athousand hills is popular travel destination, known for having a a beautiful landscape, amazing people, unspoiled nature and above all a worthy travel destionation. Rwanda is famous for the popular activity dubbed the Rwanda gorilla trekking/Rwanda gorilla trekking safari/Rwanda gorilla tour/ Rwanda gorilla safari. Gorilla tracking tour in Rwanda is done in Volcanoes national park that is also part of the greater virunga masif area that constitutes of Virunga national park in Congo, Mgahinga gorilla national park and Volcanoes national park Rwanda itself. Volcanoes national park gorilla trekking is a thrilling activity it all starts from where you make your landing if its kigali you certainly have to drive Ruhengeri district in the north western part of the country in Musanze . The trekking exercise starts in morning where trekkers are briefed about how to go about gorilla trekking as they are entertaiend by the traditional dancers, they will then get asigned the ranger guides and gorilla family to trek from, later head to the jungles in search for the gorillas, upon finding the gorillas, you will interact with them in form of taking photos, finding how they go about their life ie making nests. later after gorilla trekking you will depart back to the briefing point and be transfered back to your accommdation area of simply head any destionation of your choice. For any gorilla trekking safari packages in Rwanda simply refer to Beyond Travel (Uganda Rwanda safari / Uganda Rwanda gorilla tracking tours), we simply make the whole process impeccable . for a heads up information, what you need for gorilla trekking in Rwanda is simply gorilla trekking permit issued by the Rwanda development board. but we as Beyond Travel we simply save you all the burden of making all those requests by simply crafting the best safari package for you.

Congo gorilla trekking

Congo gorilla trekking is another awesome activity done in Congo. before we dwell much on the gorilla trekking Congo, Congo remains one of the mist unspoiled destinations when it comes to travels, the country is endowed with vast lands filled with so much raging from the minerals, natural forests, mountains , national parks parks among others. its is also said that Congo is one of richest countries in the world and Africa at large interns of natural resources, the country also hold a record of being one of the largest country in Africa. in regards to Congo gorilla trekking, the country is blessed with two destination where gorilla trekking are encountered from, the most popular one is Virunga national park famous for the endangered mountain gorilla trekking and Kahuzi biega national park n bukavu district known for Eastern lowland gorilla trekking. The most popular congo gorilla trekking destination in congo is Virunga national park which is still part of the great virunga masif area that is shared by Uganda, Rwanda and Congo.for one to take part in gorilla trekking in congo definiltely need to have a gorilla trekking permit which is a must issued by the authorities later if one will be trekking from virunga the flight drops them in Kigali and then later drive to the Rwanda congo boarder in Gisenyi later finsihing with the boarder clearences of visa , cross in into congo and to Goma town, and later to virunga national park for gorilla trekking . After gorilla trekking the return journey will still follow the same procedure.

Uganda Safari Destination

Murchison Falls

Visit the biggest and oldest national park in Uganda. Murchison Falls National park covers approximately 3,870km. Murchson Falls National Pak derives its name from the famous waterfall, which is formed when the Victoria Nile forces its way through a narrow cliff with a thunderous roar.

Chimpanzee trekking Uganda safaris

Chimpanzee trekking is one of the amazing safaris to encounter well in Uganda. There about 21 countries in Africa however they are better sighted in Uganda because the park that inhabits the chimpanzees is densely populated. Kibale Forest is one of the area’s best for chimpanzee tracking however they can as well be sighted in Budongo forest, in Murchison falls National park or even in Kyambura Gorge in Queen Elizabeth National park.

Kidepo valley National Park

Kidepo valley National park, it’s a true nature with scenic savanna landscapes. The park covers an area of 1,442kms. The Park inhabits a number of mammals including cheetahs, leopards, lions and many more. Kidepo valley national park is the smallest wildlife park rich in wild games. The birds are flourish a total of 400 bird species, rich mammals such as 68 different mammals including buffaloes, leopards, hyenas ,zebras and many more.

Sipi Falls

Sipi falls safaris, is one of the gorgeous of waterfalls in Uganda it’s located in the foothills of Mountain Elgon overlooking a plain. The waterfalls are beautiful the main fall of the fall attracts a big number of visitors in the area, there a number of lodges.

Lake Bunyonyi

The lake is the second deepest crate lake in the world, the park is named after a local word which means a place of many birds. With a total of 26 islands, some of the areas are inhabit and terraced for agriculture. Watch as crested fly overhead paddle through misty mornings as the crested cranes.

Lake Mutanda

This is an amazing lake found in Kisoro for relaxing and exploring the town after visiting the mountain Gorillas in Bwindi impenetrable forest and Mgahinga national park. Spot the bird species, water activities enjoy watching the inhabitants of the place.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Bwindi Impenetrable National park is a habitant area for the mountain Gorillas in the wild the largest population of these endangered primates in the three countries that inhabit the mountain Gorillas is found in Bwindi impenetrable National park.The park is always recognized by the UNESCO a world heritage site.

Kibale Forest National Park

Kibale Forest National Park Uganda is one of the best safari destination in Africa for chimpanzee tracking. See advice, sample Uganda safari packages, how to get a chimpanzee tracking permit and so much more information on Uganda tours.

The Location of Kibale National Park is in the western part of Uganda about 348km (5 hrs drive) from Kampala and about 26km south-east of the beautiful Fort Portal town – one of Uganda’s most lovely places to explore. The park is located close to the serene Ndali Kasenda crater area and it takes a half day’s drive to Queen Elizabeth National Park, Rwenzori Mountains & Semuliki National Parks and the Toro-Semliki Wildlife Reserve.
Southern Kibale borders Queen Elizabeth National Park and collectively these conserved areas protect a 180 km long migration corridor for wildlife that stretches from the remote southern sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park in “Ishasha”, to “Sebitoli” in northern Kibale.

Vegetation Areas in Kibale National Park

Kibale’s varied vegetation offers different varieties of wildlife habitat, ranging from the moist evergreen forest (wet tropical forest) along the Fort Portal plateau, then through the dry tropical forest (moist semi deciduous), and then to the woodland and savanna along the rift valley floor. In the central part of the park, around Kanyanchu, the high forest consist of a mixture of evergreen trees and deciduous with the evergreen species being dominant. The vegetation rises to over 55m and establishes a semi-closed canopy of massive stratified tree crowns. With shade tolerant herbs, a variety of ferns, shrubs and broad leaved forest grasses, the undergrowth is sparse. 351 tree species have been registered in the park.

Wildlife in Kibale National

With 13 different species, the number and diversity of primates in Kibale National Park is the highest in the whole of Africa. The most popular of these are the chimpanzees with over 1450 individuals living here making it the best destination to enjoy a Chimpanzee Tracking Tour. A Uganda safari will enable you to see all these primates. In addition Kibale is home to the uncommon L’Hoest’s monkeys, East Africa’s biggest population of the endangered red colobus monkeys, the black & white colobus, red tailed monkeys, blue monkeys, olive baboons, grey cheeked mangabeys, bush babies as well as potto among many others.
There is a number of other wildlife in Kibale National Park however they are hardly seen. These consist of buffaloes, leopards, bush pigs, elephants, and duikers. A keen viewer may also be able to spot some amphibians, reptiles and a variety of colorful butterflies.

When to visit

Although Kibale National Park is accessible throughout the year, the Best time to Visit the park is during the dry season when the trails are dry and passable. This runs from December to February and then from June to September. The wettest area in Kibale is the northern area, receiving an average annual rainfall of approximately 1700mm, mainly during March to May and September to November. The climate is usually pleasant with an average annual temperature range of 14C to 27C. The southern part of the park experiences the maximum temperatures and lower amounts of rains where the terrain drops onto the hot rift valley floor and forest provides way to open grassland.

Kibale Forest Hikes | Walking Trail

The Kibale Forest walk trail is 12km long and the hike is usually done in the dry season from the month of June to September are mid-November to February, taking between 5 and 6 hours. Hiking Tours offer you an opportunity to discover the park’s assorted habitats such as river line forest, swamp, grassland and tropical rainforest.

Birding in Kibale

The park is a home to 325 different bird species, including 6 that are native to the Albertine Rift area like the dusky crimsonwing, black-capped apalis, blue-headed sunbird, collared apalis, red-faced woodland warbler and purple-breasted sunbird. Other Kibale specials are the green breasted pitta, African pitta, black bee-eater, Abyssinian ground thrush, yellow spotted nicator, little greenbul, black-eared ground thrush, brown chested alethe, yellow rumped tinker bird, blue-breasted kingfisher, along with the crowned eagle.
The Bigodi nature walk offers the best bird watching opportunities in the park as the swamp alone has approximately 138 bird species. It’s also famous for wildlife such as chimpanzees, red colobus, black and white colobus, red tailed monkey, bushbuck as well as mongoose.

Cultural Tours around Kibale

Led by a local guide, you will get a chance to meet the native Batooro people as well as the Bakiga immigrants (from the densely populated southwestern part of Uganda) who stay around this park. During the Kibale Cultural Tours you will visit a traditional village to see the traditional lifestyle of the Batoro, visit the local church, primary school, traditional healer and get a closer encounter with these natives. You will also enjoy some energetic traditional dances and songs by the Bakiga.

Crater Lakes Tour

The Kasenda area found in Fort Portal is home to more than 50 different crater lakes which are surrounded by steep sided volcanoes. a visit to this picturesque are will give you an opportunity to appreciate the unique landscape of this area.

Cultural Trails

The nature walk begins from Kanyanchu or Sebitoli and it takes about 2 to 6 days. The enroute will help discover the forest and late rest in the community-run campsites close to the villages of Kikoni, Nyakalongo and Nyaibanda.

Combining Chimpanzee Tracking with Other Uganda Safaris

You can combine your chimpanzee tracking safari with gorilla trekking tours, or Uganda Wildlife Safari Tours to other parks such as Queen Elizabeth National Park, Lake Mburo National Park, Semuliki, Murchison Falls or Climb Mount Rwenzori. Holidaymakers with more safari time can combine this with Rwanda Tours and Kenya Safaris

Mountain Rwenzori

Mountain Rwenzori is found at the border between Democratic Republican of Congo.Margherita is one of the snow capped peak found at Rwenzori mountain it stands at a height of 5109m stretching to 110km in length..UNESCO a world heritage has also included a range of landscapes; it’s a thick tropical rainforest on lower slopes.

Mount Elgon National Park

The park is located at the border between Uganda and Kenya. Mountain Elgon National Park has one of the largest volcano caldera in the world which covers over 40km2 on top. It’s the second highest mountain in Uganda, after mountain Rwenzori, wagagai is the highest peak at a height of 4,450km.

Semuliki National Park

The park is 230sqkm of the valley floor between the heights of the huge steaming jungle of central Africa region and East Africa. The park offers a lot including visiting the hot springs, birding, sceneries, primates, wildlife and many more.

Rwanda Tour 2024 / 2025

The Rwanda trekking safari/ Rwanda tracking tours is among the most amazing safaris that you can embark on for a memorable time in Africa, Rwanda is among the safest countries that tourists can visit for an amazing time during the visit given the fact that the country has a lot to offer that will cater for different tourists interested in visiting different tourism sites all over the country and different types of tourism like religious tourism, leisure and wellness tourism, adventure tourism, cultural tourism among other types of tourism that will make your safari quite memorable. 

Explore the Best of Rwanda Wildlife

Gorilla trekking tour/ Rwanda gorilla tour embark the best of Rwanda 2024 / 2025 by taking part in gorilla trekking in volcanoes national park the home to the endangered mountain gorilla in Rwanda. gorilla trekking in Rwanda involves tourists hiking the virunga mountains in order to access the habituated gorilla families. As you get to the gorilla families, you will have the chance to spend one hour with them observing their feeding patterns where you will get to see them feeding on a number of fruit you will also get to see them eating bamboo shoots and stems, how they co-exist with one another their grooming patterns that can be seen as the young adults take care of one another, how they co-exist with one another and their surrounding environment and at the end of your activity, you will get to see how they construct their nests for overnight stay, you will take a number of pictures of the primates to make your activity quite rewarding
Golden monkey trekking: As part of exploring the best of Rwanda 2024 / 2025, you will also have the chance to take part in golden monkey trekking in volcanoes national park another amazing activity in the country. golden monkey is another activity that will give you the chance to understand the endangered monkey species that are endemic to the albertine rift and these can be found in mgahinga national park, virunga national park and volcanoes national park.
chimpanzee trekking explore the best of Rwanda 2024 / 2025 by taking part in chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe national park one of the most rewarding national parks in Rwanda. the park is a home to over 1000 chimpanzees and a number of other primate species that can make chimpanzee tracking in Rwanda quite memorable. During chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe national park, you will set out very early to cyamudongo or Nyungwe forest to track the habituated troops. During the activity, you will get to understand a number of interesting facts about the chimpanzees that will make your activity quite memorable. Interesting about chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe national park is the fact that you will also have the chance to see a number of monkey species like dent’s monkey, black and white colobus monkey, grey cheeked mangabey among other monkey species.
The big five animals in RwandaAs you explore the best of Rwanda 2024 / 2025 don’t forget taking part in tracking the big five animals in akagera national park , the animals can be seen by taking part in the activities in akagera national park like the morning and evening game drives where you will have the chance to see a number early risers catching their first bite of the day like the impala, oribi, elephants , buffaloes rhinos and during the evening game drives, you will get to see carnivores like the lions, leopards, hyenas hunting their prey. You can also get to see the big five as you take part in the boat cruise on Lake Ihema, during the nature walks among other activities in the park.

Explore the Best Of Rwanda Relief Features

Virunga mountains As you explore the best of Rwanda tour 2024 / 2025 don’t forget to visit volcanoes national park in order to take part in the virunga mountains hike. The park is a home to five of the eight virunga mountains in Rwanda namely; mount Muhabura, mount sabyinyo, mount Gahinga, mount karisimbi and mount Bisoke where you will get to see a number of attractions like dian Fossey’s grave, the Karisoke research station, a number of rewarding views of the twin lakes of Burera and Ruhondo. You will also have the chance to see a number of amazing attractions of the different primate species that is the golden monkeys, the mountain gorillas and other primate species to make your activity quite rewarding.
Boat cruise on lake Ihema Have an amazing time in akagera national park as you take part in the boat cruise on lake Ihema where you will get to have an amazing time in the park observing the wildlife in the park co-exists as you have relaxing cruises. You will also get to see the sun set as you watch a number of water birds like the brested roller, black headed gonalek Ross’s turaco, Heuglin’s robin chat, Amur falcon, brown crested lapwing, shoe bill stork, western reef heron, , blue shouldered robin-chat, eleonora’s falcon, tabora cisticola booted eagle, grey hornbill, African King fisher red faced barbet catching their prey.

Explore the Best Of Rwanda Culture

Genocide safari Understand more about the dark period in Rwanda by taking part in the Rwanda genocide tour in order to learn more about the events that led to the Rwanda genocide and its impacts to the Rwandans. Among the Rwanda genocide sites that can be visited include; kigali genocide memorial museum which had three display areas where you will get to see the victims of the genocide, how a number of people where killed among other interesting features of the genocide. Other genocide museums that can be visited around the country include Gisozi genocide memorial museum, Bugesera reconciliation camp, Nyarubuye genocide memorial site and Ntarama genocide memorial site among other sites.
Visiting cultural villages You can also get to visit the cultural villages of Rwanda in order to have a memorable activity as you explore the best of Rwanda 2024 / 2025. Some of the cultural villages that can be visited include Humure refugee village where you will get to understand more about the refugees from Tanzania that settled in the country , during your safari you will understand the events that led to their migration among other rewarding activities during your safari. Other cultural villages include the Kitabi and Banda cultural village where you will get the chance to see how the people of Rwanda used to carry out their daily activities like farming cattle rearing, cultural festivals, you will also be taught how to cook traditional meals in Rwanda for an amazing Rwanda safari.

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