Uganda alone is believed to have over 165 beautiful lakes ranging from freshwater lakes to crater lakes, etc. when you talk about lakes in Uganda, Lake Victoria often comes on top of the list, away from this fact, there is yet another chance of many travellers on Uganda safaris haven’t discovered and that is lake Nyabihoko.

Lake Nyabihoko is truly a hidden gem of Uganda located in Ntugamo district, western Uganda and accessible 15km from Rwashamire trading center. This a charming lake Nyabihoko splendid is accessible along the Ntugamo-Rukungiri route.

Lake Nyabihoko is 6 square kilo-meters and its boundaries occupy 3 sub-counties; Nyabihoko, Bwongyera and Rubaare. These areas are populated by cattle keepers (the Bahima community). On Nyabihoko tour, there is more than beauty to explore or to experience, the water body also holds a unique bird and history.

According to the legend, lake Nyabihoko’s creation is attributed to a series of events involving Mutuumo, a prosperous Muhima cattle farmer. It is said that Mutuumo owned a sacred calf of multiple colors, which he was owned by the gods never eat, even if it died naturally. It is said that Mutuumo had a secret sexual affair with one of the charming female servants and they had a son. Unfortunately, he didn’t tell the official wife about it. He had a working connection with the Bachwezi who had given him a cow although the cow came on condition. He met the conditions and later became a wealthier.

The conditions/instructions Mutuumo had to meet included if it happens that the cow dies, no one from the family should dare eat it. Mutuumo left for Rwanda and gave the wife instructions. He had a long trip and slept away from home. In a shortest time, the cow died and the servants didn’t follow the wife’s advice and ate the cow.

One of the children belonged to Mutuumo’s female servant and the wife never knew. He joined the rest in the feast and night as they were sleeping, a servant was churning milk to get butter. In the process, she received a strange sound as if the stones were falling in water. She complained and unfortunately, she was blamed of being lazy considering her record of laziness.

Everyone drowned afterward and died hence the creation of lake Nyabihoko. On a Uganda safari to western Uganda to explore this beautiful lake where you will find a beautiful homesteads and kraals in the middle of the lake and they serve as evidence that some homesteads were there. Lake Nyabihoko is truly a beautiful destination one must visit after or before you visit Bwindi impenetrable national park or Mgahinga national park for gorilla trekking or birding tour. This place contains a conducive area to relax especially the Mutuumo island resort which is set on the charming lake island. This resort is an incredible spot for guests looking for a place away from home or a weekend getaway.

It is an interesting spot for several birds such as cattle egrets, grey crowned crane, fish eagles and more others.

How to get to lake Nyabihoko

Lake Nyabihoko lies in western Uganda along the Ntungamo- kabale route, 15km from the main route. It can also be accessed along Ntugamo – Rukungiri road, turn off from Rwashamaire trading center and you may drive for 26km. from Kampala, Lake Nyabihoko is 372km, and the route, you can make a stopover at Equator crossing from Mbarara to visit lake Mburo national park for a game tour.

Lake Nyabihoko is a lake located in Ntungamo district approximately 372km south of Kampala Uganda. It is shared by the sub-counties of Nyabihoko, Bwongyera (both Kajara county and Rubaare in Rushenyi county). The lake covers an area of approximately 2.31 square miles.

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